DALI and DALI + Maintained Emergency Luminaire Leads

Use with luminaires that are controlled solely by a DALI signal (or similar protocol) and as such do not require mains rated switched live. Luminaire leads ending 'D' derive their permanent supply separately to the emergency supply (non-emergency luminaires remain operational during an emergency test). Live on Pin 1. These luminaire leads have no switched live. All luminaire leads are 100% tested and come with ferruled conductors at free end. Compatible with all Lighting Distribution Boxes. Non-associative colours, and other cable lengths may be available to special order. Please phone us on 020 8580 1066 for part numbers or advice.
flex7 DALI luminaire leads

Key Features

  • Rated 16A 230V.
  • Strong latches for ensuring secure connection.
  • Simple plug-in connection

DALI Luminaire Leads

  • Live on Pin 1
  • 5-core luminaire lead for use with luminaire controlled by DALI (or similar) protocol. Supplied with black plug.
  • Non-emergency luminaires remain operational during emergency test.
DALI Luminaire lead wiring diagram

Ordering info

Product description Part number
0.75mm cable, 2 metre FL575LSHF2/BD
0.75mm cable, 3 metre FL575LSHF3/BD
0.75mm cable, 5 metre FL575LSHF5/BD
0.75mm cable, 7 metre FL575LSHF7/BD
0.75mm cable, 2 metre FL5100LSHF2/BD
0.75mm cable, 3 metre FL5100LSHF3/BD
0.75mm cable, 5 metre FL5100LSHF5/BD
0.75mm cable, 7 metre FL5100LSHF7/BD
0.75mm cable, 2 metre FL5150LSHF2/BD
0.75mm cable, 3 metre FL5150LSHF3/BD
0.75mm cable, 5 metre FL5150LSHF5/BD
0.75mm cable, 7 metre FL5150LSHF7/BD

DALI + Maintained Emergency Luminaire Lead wiring diagram

  • Live on Pin 1
  • 6-core luminaire lead for use with luminaire or maintained emergency luminaire controlled by DALI (or similar) protocol. Supplied with red plug.
  • Non-emergency luminaires turn off during emergency test.
DALI + Maintained emergency luminaire lead wiring

Ordering info

Product description Part number
0.75mm cable, 2 metre FL675LSHF2/RD
0.75mm cable, 3 metre FL675LSHF3/RD
0.75mm cable, 5 metre FL675LSHF5/RD
0.75mm cable, 7 metre FL675LSHF7/RD
0.75mm cable, 2 metre FL6100LSHF2/RD
0.75mm cable, 3 metre FL6100LSHF3/RD
0.75mm cable, 5 metre FL6100LSHF5/RD
0.75mm cable, 7 metre FL6100LSHF7/RD
0.75mm cable, 2 metre FL6150LSHF2/RD
0.75mm cable, 3 metre FL6150LSHF3/RD
0.75mm cable, 5 metre FL6150LSHF5/RD
0.75mm cable, 7 metre FL6150LSHF7/RD