Lighting Connection – Why Choose flex7?

Lighting connection products from Flex7, can save you time, energy and money on your building project.

Our lighting connection system was the first 7-pole system to market, and is now the most comprehensive lighting connection system available. Our Single Socket outlets, Prota plug-in ceiling roses, luminaire leads, and lighting distribution boxes are all available with 7-poles. In fact our lighting distribution boxes come 7-pole as standard meaning that you can use them for either on/off or dimming control. This can be particularly useful if you want to upgrade a lighting system further down the line.

The core philosophy of our connection system is modularity. Everything plugs together offering not just incredibly quick installation, but also the possibility to reconfigure the system as and when required. Want to add extra luminaires to a circuit? Move luminaires from one circuit to another? Upgrade to dimming controls? It can all be done by unplugging/plugging-in a few products.

flex7 Lighting Connection And Control

You can easily:

  • Add more luminaires to an existing circuit/phase

  • Borrow power from an existing circuit, to create a new separately controlled group of lights

  • Control 2 groups of luminaires independently of each other, from the same distribution box.

  • Independently control 2 groups of luminaires each supplied by their own protective device at the distribution board (essential / non-essential circuits for example).

lighting connection box from flex7

How it works

Once you’ve connected power to your first Lighting Distribution Box you just need to plug-in one of our pre-wired luminaire leads to connect each of your luminaires.

Each type of Lighting Distribution box is available with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 outlets. If you decide that you need extra outlets to connect further luminaires, then there’s a simple solution: Each Lighting Distribution Box comes with a spare socket on the end. This can be used to plug in an Expansion Box, which simply expands the capacity of your circuit, providing you with extra outlets.

You may wish to power a separate group of luminaires. To do this, simply plug-in a Tap-off Box. The Tap-off Box borrows power from the initial Lighting Distribution Box, but creates an entirely independent group, which can be controlled separately.

Although our connection system is modular by design we understand that not all installations are the same and as such have different requirements – what works well for one application might not be so great in another. That’s why we’ve made the components that comprise to make up the flex7 System capable of being installed in a fully modular, semi-modular or entirely stand-alone fashion.

Easy To Reconfigure

The plug-together nature of the flex7 System makes it easy to add extra luminaires, upgrade to dimming control, reconfigure luminaire layout in an open plan area etc. with minimal disruption.


Our products are designed for ease of use: Large wiring compartments, easily accessible and clearly labelled terminals, multiple fixing options, commissioning can be carried out by installer, and of course plug-together connection. Every aspect of their design is carefully considered to enhance user experience and ensure that your installation goes as smoothly as possible.

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plug-together system. Once initial termination is made it’s a simple case of plugging luminaire leads and Lighting controls into Lighting Distribution Boxes, and all your electrical connections are complete. It’s an incredibly quick and easy method of installation and compared to traditional hard-wiring can save up to 80% installation time on a project.

Robust Design

Our products are designed to withstand the rigours of a construction site. Externally, its tough anodised aluminium body makes our lighting distribution box one of the most robust on the market. Internally, our unique patented contact system makes it the most electrically robust on the market.

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