How to order flex7 Lighting Controls

Our lighting control are entirely modular, and comprise a Sensor Head, a Control Module and a Sensor Lead to plug the head into the Control Module.

Installing flex7 Lighting Controls
Different flex7 Sesnor Head types - PIR, Microwave, and Tamper-resistant variants

Sensor Heads

We offer both PIR (Passive Infra Red) and Microwave Sensor Heads. Both versions are available with occupancy, and daylight sensing. IP66 and Tamper-resistant versions of our PIR Sensor Head are also available. Simply choose the type of head you require from the Sensor Head Section

flex7 Lighting Control Device variants

Control Modules

We have a wide range of Control Modules available: Occupancy, absence, dimming, non-dimming. Whichever option you choose, it will plug directly into any flex7 Lighting Distribution Box.

flex7 Sensor Lead

Sensor Leads

A Sensor Lead is needed to plug your Sensor Head into your Control Module. These come in a variety of lengths.