flex7 Applications – PELV Switching & Manual Dimming

flex7 applications PELV Switching & Manual Dimming
Wiring Diagrams flex7 Lighting Distribution Box
1 X Starter Distribution Box FSU08
1 X Switch Kit FNS3000X/U
1 X Switch FWS01/K/AB/W/WP
1 X Switch Adaptor FWSY3/AB
4 X Dimming Luminaire Leads FL5100LSHF5/B
2 X Dimming Maintained Emergency Luminaire Leads FL6100LSHF5/R

Control of the luminaires, both switching and manual dimming, is from 1 location via a flex7 plug-in switch operating at PELV. The luminaires are manually switched on or off with a short pulse of the switch. Once on, the luminaires can be dimmed or brightened by holding the switch until the desired light level is reached.

The use of flex7 control modules negate the need for RCD and/or earthed mechanical protection of the switch drop. Additionally, installation time is dramatically reduced as everything plugs in meaning only the 4 conductors at the Distribution Box require on-site termination.

Note: emergency luminaires are tested via a hard-wired 230V key switch, often located in close proximity to the distribution board.