flex7 Applications – 3 x PELV Occupancy Control + Corridor Hold

Two Offices, either side of a central Corridor, all protected by different devices at the distribution board (could be different phases); all three requiring individual occupancy control.

Control of both Offices and Corridor luminaires is via separate flex7 plug-in sensor heads operating at PELV. The luminaires are automatically switched on when movement is sensed. After the room is vacated the luminaires in that room switch off when the time-out period has elapsed.

The emergency luminaires are tested via a hard-wired 230V key switch, often located in close proximity to the distribution board.

The addition of a plug-in Corridor Hold facility means that the corridor luminaires are held on whilst either of the Offices are occupied. Crucially, movement detected in the corridor has no effect on the Office luminaires.

Wiring Diagrams flex7 Lighting Distribution Box
1 X Starter Distribution Boxes (6 way) FSU06
2 X Starter Distribution Boxes (4 way) FSU04
3 X Control Modules FNC2000
3 X Sensor Heads FNH200
3 X Link Leads FSL05
3 X Network Leads FNL05
1 X Corridoor Hold Unit FCH8/2
7 X Standard (On/Off) Luminaire Leads FL3100LSHF5/W
1 X Maintained Emergency Luminaire Lead FL4100LSHF5/R