flex7 Applications – 230V Mains Switching

flex7 applications Mains 230V Switching
Diagram of flex7 Wiring connection when using hard-wired control
1 X Starter Distribution Box FSU08
4 X Standard (on/off) Luminaire Leads FL3100LSHF5/W
2 X Maintained Emergency Luminaire Leads FL4100LSHF5/R

Control of the luminaires is from 1 location via a traditionally hard-wired 230V, 1-way switch; a small range of 230V plug-in switch drops are available if preferred.

On-site termination of the supply and 230V control wiring is made as detailed, at the Lighting Distribution Box.

Note: emergency luminaires are tested via a hard-wired 230V key switch, often located in close proximity to the distribution board.