Series 1000 (Non-dimming) Universal Sensor Kit

Adding a Switch Drop to an Occupancy Sensor Kit provides another level of control, and with it the option to configure the sensor as either occupancy or absence – configured simply by the choice of switch and the way it is terminated. Universal Sensor Kits are available with or without daylight dependency.
Series 1000 Universal Sensor Kit
  • Discreet Sensor Head
  • Increase detection 6 fold range by adding extra sensor heads
  • Adjustable timeout period
  • Supply Voltage: 230V~ 50hz
  • Load rating at 230V: 6A max.
  • Extra low voltage switch drops
  • Simple plug and play for 2 or more way switching
Sensor Head: either fnh200 occupancy or fnh400 occupancy + light level
Lighting Control Device: fnc1000/u
Leads: fsl05 and fsw10
Requires a 1-way retractive switch.


Lights do not turn on automaticallywith presence but instead need to be switched on. Choose to switch them off again, or if left on, will switch off after absence has been detected for a period equal to its programmed timeout.

*Note: We do not recommend configuring the daylight dependent version for absence type control.

Requires a 1-way latched switch.


While the switch is open (sensor position), lights will switch on when presence is detected, and off after absence has been detected for a period equal to its programmed timeout.

While the switch is closed (overried off position) – the lights are off permanently.

In the daylight dependent version, during normal periods of occupancy, the lights will switch off whenever the is adeqaure daylight.

fsy/a ‘Y’ adaptor

Retractive switching is ideal for multiple switch points. Just plug-in any additional switch drop/s alongside the exisiting using our standard ‘Y’ adaptors.


fsy/2e/2/0 Special ‘Y’ adaptor

A special adaptor is available for 2-way switching of override off. Special switch wiring instructions are included with the adaptor.