Series 1000 (non-dimming) Switch – Kit

Benefits of using a Series 1000 Switch Kit instead of traditional mains switching? Versatility Retractive switching is ideal for multiple switch points, and as leads simply plug-in, you can add more switch drops at any stage, even adding occupancy or light level sensing. Cost Apart from terminating the switch, everything else plugs together saving valuable installation time. Also compared to the cost of traditional mains cable, our switch drops can often prove to be a more cost effective alternative. Safety - Protected Extra Low Voltage All flex7 lighting controls operate at PELV (protected extra low voltage) so using our switch drops, unlike mains switching, means that cables can be set at any depth within the wall, will not require enclosing in an earthed metallic covering, nor will the circuit require the added protection of an RCD for that purpose. (see IET Wiring Regulations 17th Edition BS7671: 2008 incorporating Amendment No 1: 2011).
Series 1000 Switch Kit
  • Discreet Sensor Head
  • Increase detection 6 fold range by adding extra sensor heads
  • Adjustable timeout period
  • Supply Voltage: 230V~ 50hz
  • Load rating at 230V: 6A max.
Control Pack: fnc1000/u
Leads: fsw10

Requires a 1-way retractive switch.

Operation: Toggle lighting on/off.

Requires a 1-way latched switch.

Operation: Latch light on/off.

fsy/a ‘Y’ adaptor

Retractive switching is ideal for multiple switch points. Just plug-in any additional switch drop/s alongside the exisiting using our standard ‘Y’ adaptors.


fsy/2e/2/0 Special ‘Y’ adaptor

A special adaptor is available for 2-way switching of override off. Special switch wiring instructions are included with the adaptor.