2-Pole Auxiliary Adaptor Unit

The 2-Pole Auxiliary Adaptor Unit affords additional connectivity to the flex7 System in the form of a 2 or 4 module unit. It provides a convenient point of termination for the fixed wiring of a third party’s 2 wire control or monitoring system; a centralised emergency luminaire monitoring system, or suitable control network for example. Once connected into the unit’s terminals the network is distributed to its 2 or 4 socket outlets. A suitable Pre-wired Plug & Lead Set (see opposite page for details) then connects a luminaire or control device to the network via one of the unit’s socket outlets. Its clever design allows the unit to be fixed directly to the side channel of any variant of eZeBox (6 outlets or larger) resulting in a single position for the pluggable connection/disconnection of a luminaire’s entire electrical requirements; power, control, monitoring etc. It’s now commonplace for luminaires to receive their power and control via a plug & socket arrangement. However, the advantages to installation and planned maintenance such systems offer are often lost when additional monitoring or network wiring is required, as this element often tends to be hard-wired directly into the terminals of the luminaire or device. The 2-Pole Auxiliary Adaptor Unit means such wiring can also benefit from a plug & socket connection.
  • Two or four outlets rated at 10A 50V. Total system rating 10A.
  • 4 x terminals, each accept up to 1 x 1.50mm² conductor.
  • Fixes easily to any eZeBox at the time of installation or as a retrofit.
  • A single position for plugged connection/disconnection of all a luminaire’s electrical requirements.

Example shows distribution of emergency monitoring system to luminaires.

Note: The Auxiliary Adaptor Unit is only suitable for mounting onto an eZeBox