Special Extender Leads

These Extender Leads are available specifically to work with and complement our Special Pre-wired Luminaire Leads.
  • Rated 16A 230V.
  • Strong latches for ensuring secure connection.
  • Simple plug-in connection
Typically where control of luminaires is via a DALI network

5-Core for non-emergency DALI control

6-Core for emergency DALI control

Because not all luminaires have the same standard control and supply requirements we have provided an additional range of Special Pre-wired Luminaire Leads to cater for some of the more unusual applications.

4-Core for non-emergency switch dim™

5-Core for emergency switch dim™

For special luminaire applications.

Typically for non-maintained emergency luminaires.

Lead philosophy assumes luminaires require a permanent supply that is separate to the emergency live (so lights stay on during an emergency test). However, if the emergency supply can suffice for both then the non-emergency type leads can be used throughout, regardless of whether a fitting is emergency or not. This also applies to their Single and Double Extender equivalents.

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