3, 4, 5 & 6-Core Extender Leads

For greater flexibility wire a short Luminaire Lead or a Panel Mounted Plug to the luminaire and leave the Extender Lead the job of covering the distance back to the supply socket. Now luminaire manufacturers and electrical contractors can confidently wire up luminaires prior to installation without the risk that the lead may be too long or, more problematically, too short because the correct length Extender Lead can be selected and fitted after the luminaire is in place.This solution is particularly useful if the specification calls for a means of disconnection close to the luminaire.
  • Rated 16A 230V.
  • Strong latches for ensuring secure connection.
  • Simple plug-in connection
For non-dimmable, non-emergency luminaires.
White as standard.

For non-dimmable emergency luminaires.
Red as standard.

For dimmable luminaires.
Black as standard.

For dimmable emergency luminaires.
Red as standard.

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Lead Technical Specification PDF
Plug Technical Specification PDF
Socket Technical Specification PDF

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